BREAD is an important basic foodstuff and has been for millenia. But is has become just another industrial product, a victim of industrial processes and the search for profit.

A backlash has created a counter-culture and a lifestyle choice: The luxury loaf. The weekend treat.

Bread is for everyone, every day.

We bake bread within and for a COMMUNITY.

REAL bread has the power to feed and nourish both the mind and the body.

In my community.
In our community.

The quality of each loaf is paramount. No special additives or baking aids. No additional vitamins or minerals to replace what's been lost in processing.

ALL our breads use:

Certified Flours
Stoneground wherever possible
No additives in Milling
No additives in Baking
Natural Leavens unless otherwise stated
BioReal yeast (if yeast is used)
Cornish Sea Salt (at/below UK guidelines)

All bread is good*. If the ingredients are. And if the baking is.
Our bread is.